Compassionate and Responsible Dog Breeders


Our Vision

To raise healthy and happy puppies to bring joy and companionship to people's lives. In a time where chaos seems to be the norm, we raise puppies who provide balance and purpose for our customers.

Our Story

I was raised on an Iowa farm. My mother began raising puppies before I was born. Through the years, I have watched her place puppies in many caring homes; all while she and my dad attended every basketball game, band concert, etc. for my siblings and me.

In 2014, we had our first child and I soon realized I wanted to "become my mother".  In 2016, we had our first litter of beautiful puppies.

I now have two kids who will grow up with the puppies, just as I did years ago. In that time, many things have changed. However, the philosophy has stayed the same-

"Treat your customers and your puppies just as you would like to be treated."  -Quote from my parents

I want a Puppy!

For more information or to adopt one of our puppies, please contact us.