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Happy, Healthy, and Well-Socialized Purebred Puppies

Yorkshire Terrier

Purebred Yorkshire Terriers are known for their "Center-of-Attention" personalities and STUNNING looks.


Purebred Maltese are known for their GORGEOUS white coats with piercing black points. They are bred for companionship and will surely make a statement.


Sometimes a lesser known breed, the Havanese is meant for companionship and is known for their loyalty. Their coats come in many different beautiful colors.


Our Morkies are a small, non-shedding, hypoallergenic breed. They are a hybrid cross of a Purebred Maltese and Purebred Yorkshire Terrier. They can range in colors from light to dark. They are a lovable puppy and have a great mix of the two breeds. However, personality does vary in each puppy. Morkies are growing in popularity due to their adorable look, variance of colors, and that cute tail that curls over their back.

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